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Welcome to our renewable energies website offering alternative energy sources.

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About residential grid-tie systems:

A basic grid-tie system, as shown above (Fig. 1), consists of solar cells and a Xantrex grid-tie inverter. Solar cells take the Sun's energy and turn it into DC electricity. The Xantrex inverter turns the DC electricity generated by the solar cells into utility grade AC power for use in your home or business.

To enjoy the benefits of green power production and protect your family from blackouts, you can choose a Xantrex grid-tie system with batteries and a generator, as shown above (Fig. 2). When utility power fails, your Xantrex power system will automatically provide power to run your home security system, refrigerator, lights, computer and other vital appliances.

Recommended Grid-Tie Products
Xantrex GT 3.0
Xantrex SW with GTI
Fronius IG 2000-5100


About residential off-grid systems:


A basic off-grid system consists of a renewable energy source, which generates DC power, a battery bank that stores the DC power, and a Xantrex inverter. Our inverter is the intelligent center of a renewable energy system, seamlessly converting DC power to clean and reliable AC electricity for your needs.

The off-grid system pictured here is a solar electric hybrid system that offers additional automatic features. It consists of solar panels, a battery bank, our top-of-the-line Xantrex SW Plus Inverter/Charger, a charge controller that manages battery charging, and a generator.

When the sun is up, the solar panels generate power to charge batteries and provide electricity. At night, the Xantrex inverter/charger automatically runs your electrical equipment from your battery bank. The generator provides additional back-up battery charging capability for extended periods of cloudy weather. The Xantrex inverter/charger can automatically start the generator and initiate a recharge cycle when the battery bank is depleted, or a load is too large for the batteries to support independently. You can even have a connection to the grid should you want to use utility power.

Xantrex manufactures a complete range of power products to suit various budgets and electricity requirements. From complete power systems that come ready to install from our factory, to components that can be integrated into a system by one of our expert dealers, Xantrex has a system to meet your needs.

Recommended Off-Grid Products
SW Plus
DR Series

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