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Fronius IG 2500-LV
Fronius IG 2500-LV

Xantrex SW4048 Series


Fronius - IG 2500LV Grid Tie Inverter

The Fronius IG 2500 LV 3-phase Grid Tie Inverter utilizes high frequency, phase-shift architecture to deliver higher reliability and performance while reducing size, weight and installation cost. Below are features that improve performance and reduce the cost of your PV system: Inverter Accessories Power Panels Power Systems Grid-tie Solar Systems Solar System Kits Solar Panels Solar Panel Mounts Solar Trackers Wind Turbines

High Efficiency

The Fronius IG 2500 LV combines several key design elements to insure operation at a high efficiency under all operating conditions.

  • MPPT accuracy of 99.9%- Regardless of which PV modules you use; crystalline, poly or thin film, the FRONIUS IG Module Manager tm software locks onto the array's maximum power point to optimize the energy output from your array. Accurate MPP tracking and high efficiency is maintained throughout the voltage and power range.
  • Active Cooling- To operate at full power over a wide range of temperatures, inverters components must be kept cool. Fronius, which perfected Active Cooling in HF welders, employs the same Active Cooling technology in its IG inverters. FRONIUS IG inverters operate reliably at full power, without de-rating, over a wider range of temperatures than competing inverters.
  • Phase Shift Technology- Unique phase-shift design maximizes switching efficiency. Switching losses are minimized through an innovative process, allowing an even higher efficiency to be maintained.

Wide Input Voltage Range

A wide input voltage range permits the use of modules of every power size and voltage. You can easily fine-tune your system with different wattage modules and string configurations. The voltage window for the entire IG series is 150-450Vdc.

High Frequency

The IG uses a high frequency transformer, which is substantially smaller than the 60 Hz transformers used in inverters with one-stage topologies. The transformer also provides galvanic isolation. Since transformers are largely made of copper and iron, that's a lot of raw metal that is no longer necessary.

Inductor Optimization

Fronius has optimized the output inductor to put two inductors on one coil. Many other inverters use 2 separate inductors, which adds up to a heavier inverter.

Integrated DC & AC Disconnects

Every FRONIUS IG comes standard with integrated DC and AC disconnects. Both DC and AC electrical connections are made in the convenient installer accessible wiring compartment. Fronius has pre­ wired the DC breaker to a heavy-duty terminal block that accepts up to eight #8 AWG conductors (four input strings). The DC/AC disconnects are UL rated and meet the technical requirements of the National Electric Code for PV systems.

LCD Display

Each FRONIUS IG comes standard with an integrated LCD display to allow users easy access to a wealth of system information, including:

  • Instantaneous AC Power to the Grid
  • Total Energy Savings for Day/Since Start Date
  • Total CO2 Emissions Avoided in lb z Peak DC voltage z Peak AC Power z Min./max. AC voltage

It is easy to navigate, with large clear digits, and backlight for easy reading (with automatic shutdown to conserve power). There is additional functionality when you add the DatCom data monitoring system with weather station sensors.


2150 Watts, 208VAC, 60Hzs
Recommended Array Power: 1800-3000 Wp
Operating DC Voltage Range: 150-450 VDC
Nominal Input Current: 8.6 A Max.
DC Input Voltage: 450 VDC Min.
DC Input Range: 16.9 A

Nominal Output Power: 2150 Watts
Maximum Output Power: 2350 Watts
Nominal Output Voltage: 208 VAC
Utility Votage Range: 196-218
Nominal AC Current: 10.4 A
Max. AC Current: 11.25 A
Operating Frequency Range: 59.3-60.5 Hz (60 Hz nominal)
Peak Efficiency: 94.4%
Cooling: Controlled forced ventilation
Dimensions (LxWxD): 18.5"x 16.46"x 8.78"
Weight: 26 lbs.

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Price: $2550.00

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